Complete your design with flawless colour and finishes

Achieve the finest quality finish with our dedicated spray booth and qualified technicians. We can transform any item to compliment your brand's colour or style specifications, and create a cohesive, well designed commercial environment. Adding those fine finishing touches can take a project design from great to exceptional. 


Immaculate finish, every time.

Prototype’s purpose built spray booth is an isolated environment, which ensures that no dust or debris settles on your painted surface during the spraying process. The large booth allows our technicians to spray large furniture, such as banquette seating or large joinery items. Our meticulous approach guarantees a smooth coat of colour or stain on all our products, delivering a premium, immaculate finish for our clients.


Customisation possibilities

Spray coating can be applied to a versatile range of materials including timber, mdf, ply, veneer, steel and plastics. Whether you want to create consistency, or experiment with different colours and finishes, our account managers can collaborate with clients and the manufacturing teams to meet your design requirements.


Reflect Your Style or Brand

Our versatile colour and finishing options give clients the freedom to achieve the desired result. Our team of qualified technicians are experienced in a range of spray techniques, including:

  • Stain and Colour Matching
  • Stain or Clear coat to Raw Timbers and Veneers or existing finishes
  • Colour to Raw MDF or Melamine
  • Sprayed Enamel to Raw MDF or Melamine
  • 2PAC finish is applied to all our products, unless specified otherwise. 
  • Colour lacquering in Matte or Gloss


Timber Work

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Metal Fabrication

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Project Management

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