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The Melbourne Museum is an Australian centre of natural wonder and cultural contemplation where visitors can explore people, places, and events beyond the boundaries of time and space.

A recent addition to the Museum is the story of life long before human civilisation, based on the famous dinosaur movie thriller, “Jurassic World.” Dinosaurs large and small are featured in this biting exhibit, including the biggest beast of them all, the feared Tyrannosaurus Rex. To complete the prehistoric theme, the Melbourne Museum also features a “Jurassic Lounge” where guests can escape and relax.

Long known as the underground cultural hub of after-dark activity, the Jurassic Lounge has often hosted one-off events for distinctive occasions such as Halloween and Mardi Gras. The black-and gold themed lounge is located on the lower ground floor of the Museum, featuring an indoor bar and sun-drenched courtyard with dining, bar and lounging options available to all patrons.

Working alongside the food and beverage agency, Under One Roof, Prototype supplied Warehouse stools for the eclectic lounge area, providing a minimalistic, chic buffer against the shiny and dramatic décor.

The Brief

Prototype was simply to supply classic, functional seating options that wouldn’t overpower the relatively opulent Jurassic Lounge space.

How We Did It

Working under the guidance of Under One Roof agency, Prototype supplied seating options for the bar area of the Jurassic Lounge with simple, industrial style Warehouse stools. Made from a steel leg construction with a solid timber top, the steel frame of the stools can also be powder coated in any colour while the timber can be stained to any finish. For this project, the stools were kept very authentic and simple with black powder-coated legs and a natural timber finish.

The end result is an evolved, clean and elegantly designed space with more beverages than bones.


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