Precision Engineered Metal Furniture

The strength and durability offered by hand-crafted metal furniture can distinguish a product or project from its contemporaries. Prototype's skilled, artisan metal fabricators excel in crafting unique metal works that can be customised in any style, shape or material. From tables, chairs, and banquette seating to food carts, rubbish bins and cocktail bars. 


Strike the Perfect Balance

Every item that leaves our metal fabrication factory is engineered with precision and built to the highest quality. Our certified and experienced in-house metal fabricators handcraft items to meet the detailed specifications of the most creative designs.  Our teams collaborate to offer robust, unique furniture solutions, creating items that are truly unique and built for purpose.


Versatility through Innovation

Pushing boundaries with innovative solutions. With Prototype’s range of metal fabrication and welding services we can meet even the most demanding commercial furniture requirements. Our experience with a wide range of metals including copper, brass, aluminium, mild and stainless steel, allows us to engineer any metal structure or product. The versatility of our experience ranges from custom high bars, pop-up food carts, coffee tables or outdoor seating.


Expertise with Passion 

With a team of some of the finest artisans, fabricators and welders, we offer our clients more options when it comes to what can be achieved. Our lead fabricators offer advice and design ideas to ensure that the finished product strikes the perfect balance between strength, style and functionality. The fabricators can also work in collaboration with designers, timber work, spraying and upholstery teams to deliver our customers vision.


Plan, Refine, Perfect

Before fabricating any metal items, we can provide CAD (computer aided designs) drawings so clients can view the finished product in 3D digital form. Make adjustments and ensure that the practical requirements, such as strength and size, are completely accurate before prototyping and production begins.


Timber Work

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Project Management

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