Improving design, efficiency and communication

Bring ideas to life using state of the art CAD models. Our team of CAD specialist create 3d visualisations of project floorplans and furniture design so clients can create, modify and perfect ideas in digital format. This flexibility enables designers to quickly refine furniture design and placement, resulting in a more precise, efficient and cost effective execution. We can turn your 3D CAD models in to interactive walk-throughs and presentations, so that you can evaluate aesthetic and design alternatives with designers, stakeholders and customers.


See Ideas Come to Life

If you do not have drawings or specifications for your project, Prototype have CAD designers in-house ready to build a 3D model of your project. From single bespoke furniture items, to a detailed digital representations of your complete project. Using AutoCAD, 3ds Max and Showcase objects, our CAD specialists have a variety of offerings, depending on the complexity of your project and requirements. 


Facilitate Collaborative Decision Making

Clear communication between all decision makers, stakeholders and project managers is crucial to success. Our CAD capabilities allow for a collaborative creative process and make it easy to express ideas and concerns that may otherwise be lost in translation.  Enjoy the ultimate in creative freedom when working closely with our qualified CAD experts. Test colours, styles, materials, designs, fabrics and finishes all with the click of a mouse, until you have the perfect piece for your project.


Design, Review, Revise and Perfect. 

Investing in a CAD designs has long term cost savings. The CAD services allows clients to amend designs and make improvements before sending the design to production. CAD designs help clients avoid costly variations and mistakes by allowing stakeholders to see the final product in visual form, before prototyping and manufacturing.


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